Measuring, Managing and Communicating Risk for SaaS CIO/CISOs

As a Risk Officer (CIO/CISO) you need to justify your budget, measure risk, communicate with stakeholders, and balance business growth with cyber risk.

There’s no time to waste because your company is growing at an exponential rate, and you need to manage risk at the speed of innovation.

You need a way to rapidly analyze any situation and make a risk informed decision. Your decision must be defensible and easily communicated to stakeholders. 

Cyber risk is increasing, and your business is a prime target.  To be successful you must be able to measure, managing and communicate that risk.

The Truth

Becoming a risk leader isn’t easy.  It requires a unique skills set.  Most people can’t do it alone. 

To succeed you need a guide, a trusted advisor.

Top business leaders know that working with a consultant, a subject matter expert, is the fastest way to grow new capability in yourself and your teams

Building Risk Leaders in the SaaS Industry is different

This program “Building Risk Leaders for the SaaS Industry” facilitates the implementation of an analytical decision support framework building in-house capability so that new Risk Officers can measure, manage and communicate risk and in doing so become Risk Leaders.

During the program you will identify your top issues and your team will perform the analysis to identify, measure and ultimately reduce risk in several areas by as much as 50%.

The program is NOT for everyone.  Access to the program is limited to ensure maximum interaction and impact.  The program is 100% customized to each client and is a 1-on-1 engagement.  

There are 3 important criteria for client selection.

  1. You must be in the growth stage, improving processes and preparing to scale. We will evaluate your level of risk and potential impact to clients and partners. For SaaS in a post-SolarWinds world, this can be far reaching. The goal is to minimize risk for your organization, your clients, and your reputation.
  2. You must be able to identify your top priorities. This is where we will focus our efforts 1-on-1.
  3. Your staff must be available to support building your internal capability.  I don’t just give you strategies, I work with you and your staff to facilitate the measuring, managing and communication of risk. We are building in-house capabilities.

You will get everything you need from tools, methodology, advice, training, and facilitation.  We will focus on your top priorities.  You will learn how to analyze any situation and make risk informed decisions that you can easily communicate to stakeholders in the language they understand.   

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