Charlene is a Cyber Risk Consultant with over 30 years of IT and security-related experience. She is the creator of the Probabilistic Risk Model for Cyber Framework, a decision support tool for quantifying risk. She is the author of “Ensure Your Business Success with Risk-Informed Decisions: How to Easily Quantify Risk”.

She regularly speaks at security conferences and group events.

CLIENT: Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Provide various types of risk analysis including quantitative analytics evaluating system and organizational risk, modeling possible cyber-attacks, and measuring risk reduction across the organization. Developed a custom set of quantitative models for evaluating cyber risk. Regularly deliver analytical reports and recommendations, along with briefings to CISO, CIO, and Executive Director of Operations. Periodically speak at organizational events on the topic of cybersecurity and analytical methods.

CLIENT: Department of Labor. Provided various risk analyses. Developed Cloud policy and provided training.

CLIENT: Defense Information Systems Agency. Subject Matter Expert reviewing authorization packages and providing recommendations to Authorizing Official.

CLIENT: Prime Revenue Inc. Training and coaching to assist new CISO in developing and implementing their security program.

Over her career, Charlene has designed global architectures and one of the largest data warehouses. As an assessor, she has evaluated systems, applications, and cloud implementation. She has helped various software development and R&D projects understand, and implement security.

Connect with her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlenedeavervazquez/
Charlene@fismacs.com (301) 346-3752

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