The Risk Accelerator Package

Engaging Stakeholders to Accelerate Risk Management

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The Risk Accelerate package is designed to support more executives and analysts across your organization with everything you get in the Starter and Shift packages. Everything you need to implement your risk management program across the entire organization.

You’ll also get the complete P-RMOD-4Cyber framework for advanced risk analysis. P-RMOD4Cyber is the swiss-army-knife for risk analysis, the last tool you’ll ever need.


There are several key strategies that lead to the successful implementation of risk management. This program employs them all.

  • Training is a low-cost high-value strategy for building internal capability and reducing reliance on external support in evaluating risks.
  • Workgroups is an agile concept that if done correctly enables and facilitates rapid communication and engagement.
  • Standard language and measures ensure effective communication and consistent analytical values and results. It is a best practice worth employing.

Roles & Responsibilities

As your organization grows and your risk management program expands, more executives begin to have a role or responsibility in managing or communicating risk.

Board Members have a unique role to play in managing risk for the organization. They rely on risk analysis to make risk-informed decisions. Division heads and others are subject matter experts who support and contribute to the risk analysis process.

Questions and Answers

Many people mistakingly believe risk management is all about your internal controls. That’s not true. There are many questions an organization will want to ask and answer about risk. A robust mature risk management program allows executives to view risk from many perspectives. The advanced analytical tools and methods included in this program allow you to ask and answer questions like…

  • What’s the risk of experiencing a data breach?
  • What’s the risk in my policies and procedures?
  • What’s my supply chain risk?
  • What’s the risk to my reputation?
  • What’s the strength of my perimeter defense against the most common cyber-attacks?

With this program, you’ll be able to ask and answer these and other risk questions.

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