Fintech faces increased threats

Most Fintech companies are responding to the increased global cyber threats. They are well aware of the war between Russia and Ukraine and understand the risks of cybercrime. A new study on the Endpoint Ecosystem looks at how people use devices in high-risk and highly regulated … Read more

How to build your risk management program from the ground up

Actually, when you build your risk management program from the ground up you’ll actually be building it from the top down. That’s because you start with the person responsible for managing risk for the organization. If you’re a startup that may be one of the founders … Read more

Boards are getting savvy when it comes to security and risk.

A recent Gartner report shows that although Board interest in security has risen only 37% feel confident their companies are properly secured against cyberattacks. Less than half are confident or very confident in the organization’s ability to manage cyber risk. Board members are concerned and rightly … Read more

6 Keys to Faster, Smarter Business Decisions

Ok, I know I just said there were six keys, but I’m going to spill the beans and tell you in the first sentence that the ability to make faster, smarter business decisions comes down to just one thing… a dependable, repeatable process. Data and Analysis … Read more

What VCs Look for in Founders

I recently found an article by Shikhar Ghosh in which he interviewed Nick Grouf. Now Shikhar is an angel investor and Professor of Management Practices at Harvard Business School. Nick Grouf earned his MBA at HBS, bootstrapped several successful ventures, co-founded a tech-based incubator, and started … Read more

The Five Risks Most Businesses Face

Very little of today’s cybersecurity practice is proactive. Businesses don’t begin on day one with a robust cybersecurity strategy. Implementation of security standards often begins when they are first needed. In the absence of strong external or internal pressures, businesses generally will not voluntarily adopt a … Read more

When should you hire a CISO?

As a SaaS CEO/CIO, how do you know when it’s time to hire your CISO? The CIO role is focused on strategic IT oversight and business initiatives whereas the CISO role is focused on the cybersecurity program at a more technical level. With this in mind, … Read more

5 Steps to Developing Your Risk Management Program

Most security companies will tell you that the 5 steps to developing your risk management program go something like this… Identify critical assets Identify risks Plan for attack Review your controls Implement cybersecurity awareness training This approach is outdated and usually results in a list of … Read more

The Top Skills Every CISO Needs

The CISO is such a unique role. You sit between technical staff, executives, and stakeholders, responsible for managing the risk for the organization. You must communicate effectively at every level, sometimes all at once. You must balance corporate growth and technology demands against the ever-changing threat … Read more

6 Ways to Improve Risk Management

Here are 6 ways to improve your risk management program. Define what unacceptable risk is for your organization. Communicate the risk limits. Identify priorities. Communicate your priorities. Have a plan for improvement. Communicate that plan of improvement. You may disagree with me, but I believe these … Read more

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