Fintech priorities have shifted

A recent survey of 100 fintech leaders found that industry priorities have shifted from operating costs and fundraising to regulatory challenges, customer attrition, and fraud. “The benchmark for best in class companies has changed dramatically in the past few months, and combined with the bearish macro … Read more

8 Tips to Improve Startup Profits

Here are 8 tips for improving your startup profits. Some of these may seem obvious while others may not. The truth is, in a startup, you want to work smarter not harder, and along the way that can actually turn into cost savings, product improvement, and … Read more

The top reason businesses fail

There are plenty of reasons business fail. So many in fact, it might be difficult to identify a top reason why they fail. After reviewing many sources, there is a common denominator and that is strategy and the ability to execute on that strategy, whether or … Read more

The Problem With Enterprise Risk Management

There’s a problem with risk management. Nearly everyone is doing it wrong. The typical approach to risk management is to identify and log all the risks. Maybe you put them in some nifty categories. You do a bunch of analysis and ranking. At the end of … Read more

5 Reasons Strategic Thinking is Key to Business Success

Strategic thinking involves the use of a repeatable process for analyzing a problem to develop a list of viable options. Startups engage in this process when developing their business plan. You may use a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) to evaluate options. Or, you … Read more

How to meet the challenges of growing your business

Starting and running your own business can be a struggle. The challenges are endless. As your business grows new problems continue to emerge. How you deal with these challenges often determines whether your business succeeds or fails. The ability to face and recover from these challenges … Read more

Executive Accountability for Risk Management

The question of executive accountability for risk management is again in the public debate. It comes after a federal jury convicted Joe Sullivan of two charges related to his attempt to cover up a 2016 security incident at Uber, where hackers stole the personal details of … Read more

Fintech faces increased threats

Most Fintech companies are responding to the increased global cyber threats. They are well aware of the war between Russia and Ukraine and understand the risks of cybercrime. A new study on the Endpoint Ecosystem looks at how people use devices in high-risk and highly regulated … Read more

How to build your risk management program from the ground up

Actually, when you build your risk management program from the ground up you’ll actually be building it from the top down. That’s because you start with the person responsible for managing risk for the organization. If you’re a startup that may be one of the founders … Read more

Boards are getting savvy when it comes to security and risk.

A recent Gartner report shows that although Board interest in security has risen only 37% feel confident their companies are properly secured against cyberattacks. Less than half are confident or very confident in the organization’s ability to manage cyber risk. Board members are concerned and rightly … Read more

CISO Strategy