Help! What do I say to the Board?

If you’re a SaaS CIO/CISO new to the role, you may be asking yourself this question. Here are some tips to help you out. Most CIO/CIOs will tell you that their board considers cyber risk to be a top priority. 3 Tips for what to tell … Read more

A quick trick to simplify a day in the life of CIO/CIOS

Wouldn’t we all like to have simpler life, easier days, less stress? Well, if you’re a new SaaS CIO/CISO stepping into your role, here’s a tip to simplifier your day. You have to make decisions every day, all day along. What will you do about that … Read more

3 steps to simplifying your risk management

As a new CIO/CISO transitioning into your role, does your risk management seem out of focus, filled with busy work, and a little overwhelming? If so, here are 3 steps to simplify it and make your life a little easier. 1. Align efforts to critical business … Read more

Why you can’t put off modeling risk any longer

I was talking with a friend the other day and their organization has been thinking about starting to use risk models but for a variety of reasons, just haven’t done it yet. We had a really interesting conversation and I decided it would make a good … Read more

5 Things Every CISO Needs to Know About Modeling Cyber Risk

Why model? The whole purpose of modeling cyber risk is to address the uncertainty around that risk. It’s very difficult to make decisions in the face of great uncertainty. Modeling cyber risk is an extremely valuable exercise that provides two valuable outcomes. The first is the … Read more

How to More Effectively Communicate Risk to Senior Leadership

When we talk about the risks facing our organizations, no discussion is complete without a consideration of cybersecurity risks. Technology touches every aspect of our business practices, making cybersecurity a top business concern. If asked, most would say that they consider cybersecurity important, and yet, many … Read more

Weaponizing Cyber Attacks

The past several few years have been extremely turbulent, as a prolonged pandemic continues to impact the global population. The number of cyber-attacks against Operational Technology, Internet of Things, and Information Technology (OT/IoT/IT) has exploded since the beginning of the crisis. Two types of attacks have … Read more

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