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While your cybersecurity policies and personnel are your first line of defense against ransomware, all members of your organization have an important role to play. Attackers target your weakest links, such as employees who may not know how to determine if a link is suspicious, or who can easily be fooled by a spoofed email. For this reason, training your employees to defend against cyber-attacks is an essential aspect of cybersecurity strategy.

Many organizations don’t have a common language for cybersecurity which can make it hard to communicate effectively. If you’re not raising awareness about the different kinds of attacks you’re leaving your employees and your organization defenseless against them. Do you know the most common types of attacks and how to defend against them?

Can you explain the difference between botnet, phishing and trojan?

Did you know there are a few easy things to look for to help identify a phishing email? Knowing this can help you and your entire organization is safe from malicious attachments, links, and malware.

Do you know...

  • What can you do to stay safe using your online devices like smartphones and tablets?
  • How does multi-factor authentication work?
  • What can you do to protect yourself when using public wifi?

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