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Executives, board members, and teams all struggle with understanding current attack trends, risks, and what they can do about it all.

Bringing in an outside speaker to your organizational training and events is a good way to raise awareness and educate. I frequently speak at cyber conferences and organizational events.

Charlene works with CISOs and their teams to build in-house capability to measure, manage and communicate risk.

You can’t afford not to find out how you can minimize the risk to your organization.

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Supply Chain Risk

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Forecasting Cyber Attacks

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Measuring Organizational Risk

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Supercharge Your Risk Management Program

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About Charlene Deaver-Vazquez

Charlene is a cyber security subject matter expert, a risk advisor and the author of Ensure Your Business Success with Risk Informed Decisions: The Easy Way to Quantify Risk. She has presented at a number of conferences and organizations.

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